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Business solutions
for perennial performances.

General Management

Complexity exacerbates any decision making: managing it guarantees perennial results, by optimising margins and costs and by organising the turnaroud.

Performances improvement Programmes

Commercial Due Diligence -- Redeployment- and Repositioning-programmes -- Personnel Empowerment Programme.


The "Business Continuity Act" -- "La Loi relative à la Continuité des Entreprises" (LCE) -- "De Wet betreffende de Continuitiet van de Ondernemingen" (WCO)

General Management and Advising & Coaching

Our customised solutions, which do not rely on cut-and-paste templates, are THE place to ensure your perennial company performance.


The complexity.


Margins & costs.


The turnaround.

welcome to MPR

Since its creation in 2000, MPR has successfully worked on many General management or coaching/advising assignments as well as being by a Court legally-appointed "Receiver" ("Mandataire de Justice" en français – "Gerechtsmandataris" in Nederlands) on numerous occasions.

Specialising in continual performance improvement, MPR works with SMEs or very large companies in a diverse range of sectors and with wide-ranging experience from trade and retail, service and industry, within profit and non-profit contexts.