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Advising & coaching


Continually improving the company's performance requires change or even a series of changes: often accompanied by a coaching programme for your management team, we develop a "Performances improvement Programme", including a "Personnel's Empowerment Programme"



  • Tailored approach : industry - trade (retail) - services - profit and non-profit contexts
  • All sizes of business
  • Methodology formatted according to the size of the Company
  • Specific Programmes for companies in difficulty
  • Customised budget, clear and controlled
  • Counselling and support, from a few hours per week up to the crisis daily managment, incl. a mandate of independent director



Our customised solutions which do not rely on cut-on-paste templates are THE pace to your perennial company performances. 
Our unique approach responds to your long-term requirements.

Just have a call (+32.477/28.29.32) or send a mail ( to our experts: first familiarization session with our experts for perennial solutions is totally free of charge.