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Insolvency Procedures



Temporary Judicial Administration


There are countless tools in the "Business Continuity Act" that can help and preserve the continuity of the Company



  • Commercial investigation hearing (Commercial Court)
    • preparation of the file and possible assistance at the hearing
  • Development, wrinting and filing of the request intending to :
    • as debtor, the appointment of a Mediator - e.g. to assist the debtor in its negotiations with creditors
    • the appointment of an ad hoc administrator - e.g. in the context of a dispute between partners within the company
    • as a creditor, the designation of a legal agent - e.g. at a debtor who does not react to demands for payment
    • as a debtor, the designation of a legal agent - e.g. in case of conflict between partners
    • the opening of a procedure in receivership : plan of receipts and disbursements for a period at least equal to that of the payments-suspensions claimed
    • the extension of the payments-suspension during the procedure in receivership
    • the reorganization plan which is due after the procedure in receivership
  • Follow-up during the procedure in receivership
    • during the suspension of payment period, negotiations of agreements with creditors; collation proxies
    • the creditor requires the designation of a legal agent during the procedure of a debtor - e.g. to ensure/monitor sales transactions by the debtor of the merchandise on consignment filed by the creditor
    • during his own procedure in receivership, the debtor requires the appointment of an attorney justice - useful for achieving the purpose of the procedure
    • the creditor requires the appointment of a temporary administrator - e.g. in case of serious and characterized breach of his debtor
  • Negotiations with the creditors of an amicable agreement with creditors and its transcription in the registry held at the Commecial Court



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